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  • My experience at Madhushree clinic has truly been a memorable one. The doctors were very helpful and catered to my every need. I had an illness that was difficult to cure by traditional allopathic means. Hence I opted for Ayurvedic treatment. Ayurvedic treatment at Madhushree clinic not only cured my disease but also changed my life. Today, I feel refreshed, it's almost like my life has begun all over again.double quote
  • The Panchakarma treatment was a fascinating experience, one of the best of my life. It has made me physically and emotionally stronger. I felt that someone held my hand and guided me every step of the way. All my concerns were answered. Every passing day I noticed how gentle the therapists were. I have learnt many new things and cherished my time at Madhushree clinic. I am very thankful that I have been shown this new approach towards life. The effects of the treatment have been long lasting.double quote
  • The Garbhasanskar treatment at Madhushree clinic was a unique experience. The doctors understood my needs and were helpful every step of the way. I was taught how to improve my baby's health. Thanks to Madhushree clinic my pregnancy period has been a joyful experience. double quote
  • I had pains in my joints and I felt that I would have to live my life like that. However, the Ayurvedic treatment I took at Madhushree not only relieved me of the pains but also made my bones strongerdouble quote
  • After suffering from repeated pregnancy loss over a span of 4 years, I was on the verge of depression. I always had a grin on my face and nervousness in heart. I was not actually sure whether I would really have a baby of my own. Having tried all the possible avenues to sustain the pregnancies and yet see them fail, was detoriating my self confidence. Everything was in the hands of God. And I was right, God did help me this time!!! I saw a ray of hope in the form of Dr. Sanhita Khot. Initially I was skeptical about the results coz I was trying Ayurveda for the first time. But it was the conviction which Dr. Khot had in the treatment she gave me, which made me slowly realise that I was at the right place and in able hands. I underwent several sessions of oiling and basti. The oil and medicines used in the sessions were specially made taking into consideration my requirement. Oral medicines and medicated ghee played the vital supporting role. But the most important part of the treatment was Dr. Khot herself! The dedication, confidence and focus with which she handled my case was crucial in reviving my lost hope. I was sure that I was going to have my own baby under her shelter. And, I was right again! Lady Luck smiled this time and I had a successful pregnancy. For it to sustain I was kept on monthly medicines and underwent basti for a smooth delivery. I, alongwith my husband, took lessons of 'garbhsanskar' from her which form an integral part of ayurveda. The experience was totally divine! Believe me, it was one of the most memorable part of my 9 month long journey. The best one being the birth of my daughter 'Ruhika'. And for that I cant thank Dr. Khot enough. Dr. Khot will always be a special God sent angel in my life. Love you lots.double quote
  • After trying all possible remedies for my ear pain with different specialists, I finally found relief after taking treatment from Dr. Khot. She not only cured my ear pain but gave me medicines for chronic hyper acidity. I took a few sessions of panchkarma as advised by her and have got permanent relief from acidity as well. I found a one stop cure for all my ailments at her clinic. I also attended her Garbh Sanskar sessions which helped me tremendously during and post my pregnancy. The personal touch to all advice and consultation given by Dr. Sanhita during each visit to the clinic gave me courage to handle critical situations in my personal life as well. I now turn to her for all my medical needs and have recommended all my friends and family to her.double quote
    Jyoti Chaudhari, Lawyer
  • Apart from my regular walk for 4.25 km . I have started jogging/swimming as well which has created a very high energy and my entire day I am feeling very fresh. Also started the affirmation relaxation, which is giving positive energy as well. I want to Thank you for all your motivation and counseling.double quote
    Kedar Railkar
  • I am a software engineer working for around ten years in the industry and a person who enjoys sports and works out fairly regularly in the gym. I love going to the gym and apart from a hobby it was also a necessity because my body had a tendency to gain weight. My motto was to eat all the food I wanted to and adjust by spending couple of more hours in the gym. I was always in the healthy weight range, however due to my eating habits skipping gym for a 3-4 days would immediately result in me putting on weight. This would make my next gym session much longer. When I decided to do the "panchkarma" course I really had no idea what to expect. Doctor Khot told me that this would cleanse my internal system and I may or may not see immediate external changes. However, post "panchkarma" not only have I seen both internal and external changes, these changes are sticking and are persistent even today, almost 1 year after I did the course. I remember Doctor Khot telling me that "panchakarma" is like oiling your car, where in you make the whole system work better but you should not aim for specific results. However I have seen very significant results which are persisting and this could not have happened without my internal system working much better. I always had certain fat in my abdomen region and heavy cardio would help me lose weight however my arms, back and other muscle regions would also reduce in the process and targeting only the fat in my abdomen was not very successful. Post the "pachakarma" process I lost ~2.5 kg, however this was from my abdomen region. This sort of change was something I had tried to achieve for several years with weight training and cardio, but 7 days of "pachakarma" gave me better results than multiple years of gym in this area. However the change that I have been blown away the most with is my weight gain tendency and how it has completely disappeared. I have not changed my (unhealthy) eating habits, however, even without exercise, my body weight like a rubber band is sticking to the specific weight I always wanted to maintain. I am 6 feet tall and have always been in the 78 to 81 weight range and had to consistently work out to maintain this range. Long gaps in gym would cause me to move near to 85 kilograms and I would need to work out to bring myself back. However now, no matter what I eat my body like a rubber band bring itself the next day back to ~80 - 81 kg. I myself cannot believe it. After gulping down multiple cold drinks and eating a lot of junk food, I see my weight crossing 82 but without exercise with some magic I come back to 80-81 in hardly a day or two. Honestly I cannot even say that I dreamed to achieve this result, because I did not even know that such a change is possible. Doctor Khot told me that "panchakarma" would help my body function better, but I did not know that such a "better" was even possible. If the internal cleansing can bring about such a change, I am 100% sure that there must be multiple other positive changes that have come about in my body that I will never know about, because I will never see the problems that it got rid of. "Panchakarma" has been an excellent experience for me which made me see results I never expected. Similar to me a lot of you may not have any specific problems, however "panchakarma" cleared away dust I never knew existed and helped me achieve something I never thought possible. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone considering it. Like Doctor Khot mentioned, similar to how we invest in maintaining our car, if we also investing in maintain our body periodically, it will definitely help in the long run and maybe throw some amazing immediate results like it did for me.double quote
    Nilesh Telang
  • I was in Pune visiting family and researching which Ayurvedic clinic I would go to in Kerala (where most of the famous clinics are) when I discovered Dr. Sanhita Khot's clinic was just a short walk from where I was staying. Noting that she is both an Ayurvedic and Medical Doctor, I thought I should at least meet with Dr. Khot to see what she would recommend that I do about my lifelong auto-immune condition, which is a skin condition called atopic dermatitis that has covered my whole body for the past 30 years. After meeting Dr. Sanhita for the consultation I felt that I would be in very good hands under her care, so I chose to go ahead with her treatments, and I'm glad that I did. The very personalized and careful treatment that I received would be hard to get from a large institution in which you may not even know which practitioner you will meet when you arrive. In Dr. Sanhita's office she is both the top Ayurvedacarya and also the doctor who consults and administers medicine. She also takes very special care about the medicines that she administers. From my discussions with her I could understand that she purchases Ayurvedic medicines from sources that she has a great deal of confidence in with regard to the quality, and in some cases she or her family members prepare the medicines themselves in small batches that may also be used by her family. I think that is remarkable. It makes me confident about the quality of the medicine and makes me feel great that I have a doctor who take so much care to treat her patients like her own family. Another example of the type of care that Dr. Sanhita takes with everything is how she made sure that all of the medicines I took back with me to the U.S. were packed meticulously. Dr. Sanhita is certainly a great pleasure to meet, talk to and get to know. She is so very easy going. She was very willing, in our first meeting, to customize a plan of Ayurvedic treatment, considering I had only about one week left on my trip in India. She also never rushed me, even when she had patients in the waiting room. I never would have known that anyone was waiting because her demeanor is so patient. She encouraged me to ask as many questions as I had. Dr. Sanhita repeatedly told me to call her whenever I have any questions. She also spent time with my wife which was very helpful since she is a gynecologist. On our last day Dr. Sanhita took considerable time to teach us pranayama and omkara (yogic breathing techniques and meditation). She is a very spiritual person who prays every time she administers medicine, that it will be effective to bring healing. I think she is a rare gem of a person, and I'm truly grateful to have her as my doctor.double quote