The Importance of Meditation 

Mediation is a form of stress management to reduce problems such as hypertension, blood pressure etc. Meditation relaxes a person's state of mind which allows us to experience bliss, peace and love within the heart. Meditation is now being prescribed by doctors as means of lowering blood pressure, improving exercise performance. In addition, meditation relieves insomnia and relieves us of the stress of daily life and helps asthmatic people breathe easier.  
Mediation is a self-healing process. When stress accumulates in the mind it directly affects the body causing diseases. Therefore, we must attend to the problem within the mind to keep the body free of diseases. Meditation is a simple process that requires patience, also, it benefits everybody and is the perfect way in which to balance a person's emotional, physical and mental state. 

A great potential for healing lies in our own consciousness. Various ways of meditation reveal the heart of awareness. By beginning to understand and experience the anatomy of awareness and physiology of consciousness, you will open a great potential on the road to healing. Meditation can help you to heal your body and mind and enter into your own blissful, loving natural state through a variety of different practices.